Porn Bowl

American sports fans had a good reason not to wander off for more popcorn and stay glued instead to the TV during a commercial break for the recent Super Bowl.

(As we non-sports fans know commercials are the most cherished moments of a sporting event.  Ah! The bliss of getting back to gross commercialism.)

The match was between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals (yep, I haven’t got a clue either.)
Three minutes before the end of the game there was a break for a ‘message from our sponsors‘.

But instead of your usual advertising content viewers were treated to a graphic sex act performed by none other than Jenna Jameson from her Club Jenna cable TV channel.

Apparently the two feeds had been mixed up and the 30 second clip was transmitted to the sports fans of Tuscon, Arizona.

As one viewer, Cora King noted, “I just thought it was another commercial until I looked up. Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out.”

(I hope they meant on the clip, not the footballers. If not British football may still have a lot to learn.)

Well I think there’s nothing wrong with relieving the tension of a big match with a bit of relief.

Appropriately one of the Arizona Cardinals nicknames is ‘Big Red’ which seems kind of apt to me.

Nice to know sports fans can get a break from watching balls bouncing in the air by … well … you know …

Oh, if your mad keen to know, the Pittsburgh Steelers won but I doubt whether they felt quite as much joy as the guy in the clip.

Snow, snow, quick, quick snow!

The Wrong Kind of Snow

The Wrong Kind of Snow

Well you’ll probably have heard by now that the UK (i.e. London and the South East) has had the worse snowfalls for eighteen years.

What’s a modern First World industrialised, techno-savvy society to do?
Well the answer is simple, stay home.

Yep, that’s the answer. Other countries have far worse weather conditions to deal with. They get them all the time and for longer periods and do you hear them bleating and carrying on?

Terrorist threats are nothing compared to the damage a special kind of water can do to this country.

You’ll probably hear a lot of reasons why we failed to keep good ol’ blighty running in the next few days (they have a whole list of them, pre-prepared. About the only thing that ever is.)

‘Only make the journey if it’s absolutely essential’, you’ll be told. Funny that, but most people are not in the habit of getting their cars out and randomly driving around in them.

We usually have a pretty good reason for venturing out, e.g. work, feeding yourself and family, picketing an oil refinery / power station etc.

What will really annoy a large chunk of the UK population will be the coverage this sort of event will get.

Scotland is well use to this sort of weather and complains about it very rarely but you only have to have one snowflake land on central London and that’s it. It all goes a bit biblical. Blanket news coverage to compete with the blanket of snow.

At least the poor TV reporters and camera crew don’t have far to trudge to get their stories and show off their North Face jackets.

The way they go on you’d think that Londoners will be eating the dead by nightfall.

Ah well. Us Brits like to talk about the weather a lot. We just don’t like to experience it.

p.s. Apparently all of London headed for the underground to sing blitz songs after the first snowfall but they found it shut …

Poldark – you CAN’T miss it!

I don’t know if anyone’s been watching the re-run of Poldark on UKTV History channel but if they haven’t then they are missing a rare treat.

Poldark Titles

Poldark Titles

It was originally aired in 1975 and had a huge following. (I’ll forget the fact that there was only three channels, no DVD, no satellite, no ipod, no playstation, no nothing really.) And accept that it was so massively watched because it was damn good.

For anyone not aware it is a good old romp through Cornish history revolving round copper mining but including much of what else went on historically along the way. Set in the late 1700’s it features the main character of Ross Poldark (played by the excellent Robin Ellis.) Recently arrived back from the American wars to claim back his inheritance and his beloved.
Of course it all goes a bit south (not much further south, we are in Cornwall after all.)

Ross Poldark (Robin Ellis)

Ross Poldark (Robin Ellis)

This of course is where the fun starts. Think of Dallas in costume (with the wind, without the sunny weather.)
Think of Dynasty without the glam, think of Eastenders with a Cornish accent. Think of Hollyoaks, no don’t think of Hollyoaks.

It’s all there and in bucketfuls. Or should I say shovel fulls, this is a mining tale you know.

I won’t give to much away about the story, but if you’re interested have a look. It won’t take long to catch up and it’s well worth it for the breath of fresh air that the brisk sea breeze brings. Just make sure you’re not down wind of the locals. They can afford to drink rum, not so much buy soap by the looks of it.

I think some of the characters are great. Demelza played by Angharad Rees is feisty, spirited and way to old for the part at the beginning of the series. She was meant to be sixteen-ish, a very big ish.
The statutory baddy George Warleggan played by Ralph Bates is an evil treasure.

And you have to admire the language, “You little moxy!”  ,   “I demand satisfaction!

You don’t get that down Albert Square.

The pictures were taken from my telly. It’s not HD quality stuff but I think it gives a grainy, historical feel to this grainy, historical drama. (Okay I’m just being cheap and quick but ‘no ye never mind capt.’ )

From a mercenary point of view I’m still hoping to get a glimpse of an old Ford Escort or Hillman Imp parked round the back of an’ ol’ stone barn that’s sneaked into shot but until now I’ve been disappointed. But I shall keep looking.

I love this programme. I maybe coming back to it in future posts … You have been warned!

Buy the series from Amazon on glorious DVD

Buy the books by Winston Graham (the adaption is based on his Poldark books, kind of, well not too kind really.)

Poldark tries to beat them at their own game

Poldark tries to beat them at their own game