About boredwithsport

Well it doesn’t seem to matter what time I stumble out of bed and blearily plonk myself in front of the TV to watch ‘breakfast’ the result is always the same.

The sport comes on, without fail. If I’m lucky I might get a bit of news, at least 10 seconds of it and then I’ll be subjected to what seems like 15 minutes of sport news. Critics would probably say it’s not 15 minutes at all.
Really? Ok 14 minutes 59 seconds then.

Whatever it is, it goes on forever and ever and ever … well you get the picture.

It doesn’t matter a jot WHEN I turn on the tv. The sport will be there, lurking round the corner waiting to grab an unfair portion of the programmes content.

Anyway this blog will be about all the other things that can comfortably fill your life without ever going near the dreaded five letter word.

I may mention S**** in the context of a warning. Either to forewarn of some impending sport storm that’s coming our way to give people a chance to head for the hills. Or to lam-bast the subject in general and the way people seem to think it’s so wonderfully important.

If sport ever does come into this blog for any other reason than the above then please accept my apologies.  The occurrence is purely accidental.