Cameron to bomb Libya for Red Nose Day

Get one of these and your Red Nose Day will go with a bang

Get one of these and your Red Nose Day will go with a bang

As part of Comic Reliefs 2011 fund raising events, David Cameron announced today that his RAF will bomb Libya.

This decision to incorporate the invasion of a sovereign countries territory as part of this years Red Nose Days celebrations will come as a shock to some people but Prime Minister Cameron was un-repentant.

“Using over-whelming force against those unable to defend themselves has been a Western tradition for many years, so why change the habits of many lifetimes?

Anyway we’ve managed to team up with the French and dragging them away from morning croissants is a feat in itself so we had to go for it. The pilots will all be wearing red noses to keep in spirit with the day and we promise to drop a few red noses onto the bombed out buildings so they can join in the fun.”

When asked if this was appropriate as a form of fund raising to support an event designed to help those less fortunate Cameron countered, “Tony Blair had his day in the desert. I’m going to damn well have mine. Anyway they don’t mind. It’s not like innocent people are going to get hurt. Our bombs always land on legitimate targets y’know. Collatoral Damage is a term made up by pinko-subvertists. And that’s not a red we want to see here thank you very much.”

But it seems David might still have the spotlight pulled away from him as Libya announced that they are calling a cease fire.

But the PM was unwilling to back down from such a jolly days surgical air destruction.

“Screw that, those Tornado babies are fuelled and ready to rock. After all we wouldn’t want to disappoint the British people with false promises.”

“Would we?”

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