Can the can

I was mooching on the net yesterday, wondering if the irritation in my nasal passages was Swine Flu or just pepper from teatime. (Spicy burgers don’t y’know.)
Anyway, I had next to me my trusty can of coke (other beverages are available) and I got to thinking that this little guy had done nearly as many miles as the dreaded lurgy.

I couldn’t decide whether I should be appalled or impressed by the coke can. On the one hand it’s amazing that you can mine aluminium, move the metal half way across the world, produce a can from it, print on it, fill it with a liquid and sell it in a multi-pack and all for a few pence.  It truly is a modern wonder.

But then again what an amazing waste of resources! All that effort just so I can have 330ml. of fizzy, frothy, nothing.

So I finished my drink and pondered, “How can we justify the enormous infrastructure that it requires just to present the bloated Westerner with a piddly bit of a drink?”

And went and got another …



  1. Love the link on aluminium. Lost myself in the map of global aluminium output. Stunned that there’s so much of it in Britain, that it’s not ‘normally’ soluble in water. (What does THAT mean?) And mused on your hunch that it’s just too 20th century for words – and thus probably on the way out. Coke in mini kegs?

  2. Mini keg is deffo better. Not sure how much Jack D. you’re going to have to add to a 5 litre can though. Quite a bit me thinks.
    As for the link on Aluminium, I’m getting a bit worried for you Lucy!

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