It’s NOT cricket. Hurrah!

I heard with some interest (always a revelation to me) about the Second Test between England and the West Indies in Antigua being abandoned.

The match, held at the ‘Sir Vivian Richards Stadium’ was curtailed because of a ‘poor outfield’ which means that basically the pitch has been built on a beach.

Personally I think this is a great idea. What better way to keep the kids amused than to let them use a little strip of the boundary to build sandcastles. During lunch they could have donkey rides and sunbathers could stretch out their towels and catch a few rays before the tedium of ball watching continues.

They could do a roaring trade in deckchair hire and windbreakers for the Brit supporters. Dad could roll his socks up and put a hankie on his head and proudly watch the kids going pink and blotchy while the missus gets out the flask and sandwiches. Sounds like halcyon days to me.

I imagine that the world famous player who gave the ground its name is not a happy bunny. But then he could always say it’s actually not a cricket pitch but a golf course.

It just has very large bunkers that’s all.


  1. Yes I thought you’d like this story. It brings me to mind a previous abandoned Test match at Jamaica 10 years or so ago. Brian Lara had just replaced Jamaican hero Courtney Walsh as the West Indies captain and the natives were, as they say, restless. Anyway, their mood bucked up a little because England made their usual great start and were about 15-3 inside an hour. The difference this time was not typical English ineptitude but a seriously dangerous pitch, which appeared liable to either break your foot or bash your head depending upon which blade of grass the ball happened to alight upon. After the physio had departed the field for the umpteemth time, the England captain, Mike Atherton, asked Lara his opinion of the pitch. Lara agreed it was dangerous and the game should be abandoned. However, Atherton himself would have to request this from the match referee alone. When Atherton asked why Lara replied, “They already hate me here.They’ll lynch me if I ask the match to be abandoned now!”

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