Welcome to Spamabit!

Well I really feel that I have arrived.

“Why is that ?” You may ask. Other people mentioning your site on their blogs? BBC talking about an in depth article (Ha Ha) you wrote on their website?

Nah don’t be daft. I’ve just started receiving spam!

Good old spam. You always know that someone or something has noticed you when those little spambots come a’ callin’. Up to now I’ve received two spam comments for my posts. I know, I know that’s nothing but one has to start somewhere.

One of them is reasonably clever. It quotes part of the post and makes it appear that it is being talked about on the particular forum that the website leads to.

The other one is just spammy, consisting of a load of links to crappy websites.

The overall intention is clear. To get me to post the comment which contains outbound links to their sites so that google will think better of them and rank them higher in search requests.

Thankfully I’ve got a spam blocker to bar those bots (sounds like an advert for toilet fresheners), so we hopefully won’t be seeing any meaty antics on this site anytime soon.

Still that could be famous last words!

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