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Sorry seems to be the easiest word

Does Anything Eat Bankers?: And 53 Other Indispensable Questions for the Credit Crunched

Sorry ...

Well the four bankers have said sorry so can we move along now and get on with our lives please?

What!” I hear you cry. You want your pound of flesh?

Well you may have to wait awhile longer. I doubt whether they are going to be thrown to the lions just yet and I seriously doubt they are going to fall on their swords.

After all they did say they were sorry, maybe even very sorry. So that should be hunky dory then shouldn’t it? Forgive and forget. Everyone can make a mistake can’t they? Live and let live. More like live and let die.

Amazingly I still get the impression that they feel that they haven’t really done anything wrong. That the decisions they made were ruined by the cruel hand of fate. That circumstances beyond their control contrived to make a good plan bad.

I don’t think they were hiding their head in the sand and couldn’t see the storm that was about to break. More likely they couldn’t see because they had their collective heads too deeply into the trough. You tend not to worry too much about starving when you are attending a perpetual banquet.

They are apologizing because they have to. Not because they want to. There is a difference.

There’s a lesson to be learnt here and I don’t think they are good pupils. Probably because not so long ago they were the teachers.

So next time to you are unable to pay your credit card bill or miss a payment on the mortgage why not take a leaf out of these financial geniuses notebooks?
Just utter that little five letter word, look chastened (but not overly chastened) and everything will be okay.

It will be okay, won’t it?